BOGO CITY, Cebu, May 9, 2017 – A total of 88 brave youngsters benefited from “Operation Tuli” organized by the City of Bogo last May 2, 2017. This is part of the City’s continuing efforts to provide basic healthcare services to its constituents. “Operation Tuli” provided free circumcision to residents of Bogo City.

The youngest to undergo the knife was a 6 year old and the oldest was 17.

Edwina Cuyos, health focal for the LGU, said that “Operation Tuli” was purposely held in summertime as there are no classes. She said that according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, there are various health benefits from circumcision such as easier hygiene, decreased risk of urinary tract and sexually transmitted infections, and the prevention of certain penile problems including penile cancer.

A total of 169 registered but only 88 underwent the knife. Cuyos said that a good number of boys backed out the last minute out of fear.

The circumcisions were performed by doctors from the City Health Office using modern techniques with the aid of anesthesia to minimize pain and encourage faster healing. This is much safer and less painful than traditional circumcision or what is commonly known as “pukpok”.