BOGO CITY, Cebu, May 22, 2017 – Northern Cebu residents wanting to land a job in government no longer need to travel to Cebu City to take the Civil Service Exam (CSE) as Bogo City will host for the 2nd year in a row, a CSE Paper and Pen Test (CSE-PPT) on August 6.

Passing the CSE is a prerequisite to become a regular employee in government. An employee admitted to government service who has not taken the examination can only be hired as a contractual employee.

The upcoming CSE-PPT offers exams for Professional and Sub-professional levels. They are open to Filipino citizens, regardless of educational attainment, who are at least 18 years old at the time of filing of application, and have not taken the same level of examination in less than three months.  Those interested to take the exam in Bogo City has until June 2 to apply at the Human Resources Office of the City of Bogo.

Professional level examinations are taken by those who seek officer and technical positions while sub-professional level exams are for those who seek non-technical and clerical positions. The passing rate for both is 80 percent.

This is the 2nd straight year in a row that Bogo City is hosting the CSE-PPT as it also hosted last October 23, 2016. Slavsky Ybañez, Human Resources Office Head of the City of Bogo, said that “the City of Bogo is working hard to bring the exam here in Bogo in line with Mayor Carlo Martinez’s initiative to bring services closer to the people.”