BOGO CITY, Cebu, July 26, 2018 – Two hundred sixty five (265) recovering illegal drug dependents mark year of being clean from illegal drugs under the Rehabilitation and Reintegration Program of the City of Bogo in a graduation ceremony.

During the graduation ceremony, the recovering drug dependents marked their 4th, 6th, 9th month and up to a whole year and 6 months of being clean through a certificate awarded by the City of Bogo. They also received a scholarship grant whereby the graduates will be given skills training for free by the Bogo Livelihood and Technical Skills Training Center.

6 recovering drug dependents had the longest period of being drug-free. They have already completed a year and 6 months of being negative from drug use.

The graduates participated in the barangayan barkdahay sessions under City’s Rehabilitation and Reintegration Program or ReRe which is a community-based drug rehabilitation treatment program.

During the twice-weekly barangayan barkadahay sessions, recovering drug dependents establish a recovery network and reliable routine to help one another to stay clean. They also undergo regular drug testing to monitor their progress.

“The ReRe Program has proven that recovery is possible and that there is life after drugs. People who were once considered a “menace to society” have now become catalyst and agents of effective change”, said Vice-Mayor and ReRe Chairperson Mayel Martinez.

“The Rehabilitation and Reintegration Program has given them a newfound sense of purpose ,a purpose that motivates them to give back to the community that once “saved” them”. We are always reminded that the efforts needed to be put on in the program does not end when we were declared a Drug-Cleared City rather it challenges as to do better and more because recovery after all is a continued process and we here in the City will never stop helping especially those who are in the program because we owe this to them and their families, Martinez added.

ReRe Vice-Chair Niño Tolingin clarified that although they are called graduates, the recovering addicts will still have to attend the regular barkadahay sessions as drug recovery is a difficult and long process.

Despite having been declared the country’s very first “Drug Cleared City”, the City of Bogo continues to hold and strengthen its Rehabilitation and Reintegration Program-helping those who are part of the program in their rehabilitation through close monitoring and gives them opportunities to reintegrate with the community through livelihood programs and projects.

The City of Bogo’s Rehabilitation and Reintegration program marks its 2nd year this month.