ONE of the many ways of naming a certain place is to name it for the kind of plants or trees that abundantly grow in it.

            It was told that even before the coming of the Spanish colonizers into the country, Barangay Banban which has no official name yet and which was far from being a Barangay of Bogo, Cebu, was known to have banban trees growing abundantly and luxuriantly nourished by its fertile lands.

            The very industrious people of this place decided to make use and take advantage of the leaves of these numerous trees by drying and stripping its leaves and weave it into baskets and other shapes they can contrive. When a resident, he usually answer in vernacular. “Naa ko puyo sa daghang Banban”. This as eventually shortened to, “Naa sa Banban”. until the “Banban” alone became the usual answer to this same query. Quite naturally, in the end, the name “Banban” was unanimously accepted and adopted the official name of this Barangay.