After weeks of rigid training on Rural Impact Sourcing, twenty four Department of Information and Communications Technology scholars from the City of Bogo graduate. This is the first batch to graduate from the RIS Technical Training Program not only in the whole of the Visayas but also in the country. The graduates have undergone learning and application exercises on E-commerce, Digital Marketing and setting up of Freelancing modules.

The Rural Impact Sourcing Technical Training from DICT hopes to give online freelancers (offering ICT services abroad and locally) who are from the countryside, the same opportunities as those who are in the big city.

 The historic event was graced by no less than DICT’s Undersecretary Monchito Ibrahim himself along with DICT Region 7 Director Antonio Edward Padre, DTI- Provincial Director Maria Elena Arbon, and the mayor of the City of Bogo-Atty. Carlo Jose Martinez.

“Im very happy to have this activity here in the city of Bogo. As we very well know, the wave of the future is ICT ( Information Communication and Technology). We are very blessed that we have improved our connectivity through Fiber to Home and also having been pointed as one of the ICT hub in the Northern part of Cebu. We have been partnering with DICT and DTI to provide chances and opportunities to our constituents here in the City of Bogo.You have the full support of the City “,Mayor Martinez explained.

“For our first RIS Graduates, congratulations. I hope you make the most out of the opportunity that has been given to you because not all is given this opportunity. All I ask is please make the most out of it. You are very blessed to be the first batch and hopefully in the future will also be the trainers for the next batches to come and good luck to you all”, he added.

In a speech, DICT USec Mon Ibrahim explained that the idea on initiating the Rural Impact Sourcing Technical Training is from his knowledge of this initiative in India wherein 2/3 of the graduates of the same course are able to work from home and doing BPO jobs.

“We have been bringing jobs from Metro Manila to the next wave cities in the Philippines and this time hope to bring it to the country sides”, he added.

“Bogo is one of the cities in the list of first cities that we need to address. This is only the beginning in fact we designed the course to involve also the MSEs it is for that reason why we are partnering with the Department of Trade and Industries because we also want our MSEs to adapt Ecommerce as a way of increasing their market coverage. So their products will reach globally at some point”,he continues.

The Undersecretary also revealed the plan of partnering with the city government on setting up a hub where graduates now and future graduates who may not have laptops and internet connection may be able to make use of.

Before putting the event to a close, Undersecretary Ibrahim shared to the attendees and members from the media some of the plans and projects of the current National Administration on ICT.

“This year, the president (also) signed into law the National Free Wifi .We are now mandated to provide free wifi to everyone. In the next five years we will connect every public school system and government offices in the whole of the Philippines and provide free Wifi. That is the target of the National broadband plan. The objective of which is to actually provide fiber optics, very very robust internet connection to every part of the Philippines- every island of the country.

Usec Ibrahim also made mention of the National Government Portal – where, all the computer resources of the Government will be consolidated allowing all the citizens of the country access to all the online services of the government.

“We will be putting the whole of government in one single cloud because we want to put a stop to every government agency having their own system,we want just one government system in place.”

“Congratulations to the graduates. You are living the dream that I’ve had for the last 17 years. From here on, I look forward to you becoming our partner in making this dream a big big reality for the next 5 years. “He ended.