A GENERATION of Bogohanon’s who were children back in the 80’s will recall where Bogo City’s Public Market was. To this day, the word “Carbon” still refers to the market. Back then, whenever someone tells a trike driver, “Adto kog Carbon” – that was specific enough. A mother going food shopping would say “Mangarbon ko” and it was clear where she was going. It wasn’t until third year high school when I found out that the word meant something else.

            I still remember where my folks used to take me, the place is now a sidestreet to the left of Gaisano. Back then, it was a confusing, two-lane, walk-only alley where food (fish, pigs and other animals) meet people. It was always wet, maybe that’s why they called it “wet market”.

            The left side of old Carbon’s entrance, was a cool nook. I get left there a lot but didn’t mind. The halo-halo was divine.