“There is twilight. And there is twilight in Cayang, where, the afternoon sneaks by and the night comes quick – like the delirious haze that follows a stab in the back. In the dark.

            Its rustic scenes have the quality of a façade, a contrived look of ordinariness that almost succeeds. I can see it in the way coconut trees seem to crowd some stretches of road, in the unlikely places and adventurous positions of some houses, even the potholes that magically appear like nasty little traps although they do serve as wake up jolts for the straying stranger.”

Raffy D. on Cayang

            Barangay Cayang does have a unique ambience, one that tugs insistently at the creative spirit. They should build retreats there – for those who would sharpen their artistic edge.But there is nothing sinister in the shadows and surprises Barangay Cayang dishes out. It goes along with the warmth of its people and the chicken that crossed the road.