BOGO CITY, Cebu, June 15, 2017 – The City of Bogo, through the City Agriculture Office, on Wednesday provided farm production material inputs to eight farmers association here as part of its continuing efforts to boost the agricultural sector.

Bogo City Mayor Carlo Martinez personally handed over the farm inputs to the farmers. The eight farmer organizations which received the farm material inputs are Cayang Farmers Association, Sudlonon Bung-aw Farmers Association, Cayang Multi-purpose Cooperative, Kapunungan sa Makugihong Mag-uuma, Polambato United Farmers and Fisherfolks Association, Makugihong Mag-uuma sa Banban, Anonang Norte Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Association, and the Hacienda Filomena Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Association.

Each organization received 2 plastic drums, 20 small seedling trays, 8 big seedling trays, 2 plastic molds, a knapsack sprayer, water hose, 40 packs of organic fertilizer Bio-N, 5 rolls of polypropylene twine, bamboo poles, and 1 kg of assorted seeds.

The farm material inputs will be used by the farmers associations in their respective technodemo farms. These farms have been established to vitalize lowland vegetable farm production in their community and assist farmers in gaining knowledge about modern farming methods by showcasing improved technologies compared with the usual farmer’s practice. It is visited regularly by an agriculturist from the City Government who provides technical assistance to the farmers.

By the end of this year, these techno-demo farms will be evaluated to determine who the best is in terms of farming practices on lowland vegetable production.

This is the third time that the City of Bogo is distributing inputs to farmers and fisherfolks. Last month, it distributed fishing gears to fisherfolks in Barangay Gairan and dispersed 15 heads of cattle to farmers in Barangay Banban, Anonang Sur, and Binabag; and 68 goats in Barangay Don Pedro and Polambato.

Mayor Carlo Martinez has made agriculture a priority program under his administration. The budget of the City Agriculture Office in 2017 is more than double that in the previous year.

In his message, the Mayor explained why agriculture is a priority. He said in vernacular, “sakit kaayo tan-awon sa ako nga kanang mga tinda gikan sa laing lungsod, mga baka, mga prutas nato gikan sa laing lungsod unya dad-on diri sa Bogo maoy mao ilang ibaligya, so ako pagtanaw ba murag lahi man nuon ang nakabenipesyo og maayo sa pagpaningkamot sa atong City of Bogo” It is painful to see that what are sold here comes from other towns; cattle and fruits come from other towns that are brought here to be old. In my view, non-Bogohanons get the most benefit from the hardwork of the City of Bogo.