Sugar is sweet, but it’s never sorry for the rot in your teeth. 

            I have always wondered how it would be – to live in the middle of a tamed field. Would green turn tiresome, after days and weeks of it. How hot is hot at three PM and the sun is high, when it has burned all days?

            Don Pedro, shortened from Don Pedro Rodriguez – Bogo City’s favorite, long departed son. It borders Medellin and San Remigio – two towns east of the City. Don Pedro is an oasis in the middle of a desert of usually green sugar cane. It would have been a cross road, except that the cross is shaped more like a the local slingshot called the “tirador”.

            Sometimes, they burn it – the sugar cane stalks, I mean, There would be thick smoke everywhere an the fields would smolder all night. The next morning, the highway would be littered with roadkill.