Series of 2020




WHEREAS, on March 8, 2020, President Rodrigo R. Duterte issued Presidential Proclamation No. 922 declaring a State of Public Health Emergency throughout the Philippines;

WHEREAS, in light of the COVID-19 health crisis, I issued Executive Order No. 28 and 30 Series of 2020, promulgating the localized guidelines for the management of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) situation in the City of Bogo;

WHEREAS, on May 11, 2020, the IATF passed Resolution No. 35 that placed the Province of Cebu under a state of General Community Quarantine;

WHEREAS, the Provincial Governor issued Executive Order No. 17, series of 2020, Providing the General Community Quarantine Protocols, Standards, and Guidelines to be Observed Within the Province of Cebu;

NOW THEREFORE, by virtue of the powers vested in me by law, I, CARLO JOSE A. MARTINEZ, Mayor of the City of Bogo hereby order to adopt Executive Order No. 17, series of 2020 of the Provincial Governor and to prescribe the localized Standards, Protocols, and Guidelines to be observed within the City of Bogo during the state of General Community Quarantine, to wit:

SECTION 1.   Title.  These Standards, Protocols and Guidelines shall be known as “City of Bogo GCQ Protocols”.

SECTION 2.  Minimum Mandatory Safety or Public Health Standards. The following shall be the minimum mandatory safety or public health standards required to be observed by all persons within the City of Bogo:

  • Wearing of face masks, reusable, or face shields, or such other protective equipment or any combination thereof, whenever outside of their residences, in public or in work places;
  • Availability of hand washing or sanitizing stations in places frequented by the public or those in high-touch areas provided by private and public entities, whichever is applicable;
  • Sanitizing or disinfecting foot baths in all entrances to enclosed and semi-enclosed work places;
  • Temperature checks of all persons accessing enclosed and semi-enclosed work places;
  • Physical and social distancing of at least one (1) meter between individuals in all work places;
  • Placement of relevant on-site signage bearing reminders to practice physical distancing, regular handwashing and sanitizing, medical and health information, hotlines to health/police/emergency workers, as well as directions to the appropriate handwashing and sanitizing stations, testing stations or facilities, quarantine facilities, and other such relevant information;
  • Continuous implementation of stringent measures for persons in the City of Bogo who have been confirmed positive for the COVID-19 by the Department of Health (DOH);
  • Movement for leisure purposes shall NOT be allowed;
  • There shall be a curfew from 10:00 PM to 5:00 AM of the following day for non-workers and non-exempt persons;
  • Except for medical emergencies, the following shall be on a twenty-four (24) hour home quarantine:
  • persons twenty-one (21) years old and below except those that are

employed in establishments and businesses allowed to operate; and

  • persons with immunodeficiency and other health risks including those

who are sixty (60) years old and above.

SECTION 3. Permitted Work, Occupations, Industries, and Businesses. The following are the permitted work, occupations, industries, and businesses allowed within the City of Bogo:

3.1       To continue the regulation of the movement of persons, and subject to existing rules, regulations, and issuances by relevant government agencies and the IATF, the following establishments and businesses within the City of Bogo shall continue to be prohibited:

  1. Gyms, fitness, sports, and recreation centers;
  2. Bars and pubs;
  3. Karaoke establishments;
  4. Movie houses;
  5. Swimming pools;
  6. Cockpits;
  7. Barbershop/salons;
  8. Dental Clinics;
  9. Internet Cafés;
  10. Massage Parlors/Facial/Skin Care Clinics;
  11. Travel agencies, tour operators or reservation services;
  12. Libraries, museums or cultural centers;
  13. Kid amusement facilities; and
  14. Other amusement and leisure establishments that promote mass

Provided, however, that businesses and establishments allowed to operate shall strictly observe curfew hours.

All establishments that are allowed to remain open shall strictly enforce social distancing measures, such as, but not limited to, temperature checking, use of masks and gloves and other requirements that may be implemented by the City Government of Bogo.

  • Hotel, resorts, and other accommodation establishments may continue to operate subject to the following restrictions under Provincial Governor’s E.O. No. 5 – L, Series of 2020:
  1. Bookings shall be limited to one (1) person per room.
  1. Group celebrations, parties, activities, and other gatherings of any form are strictly prohibited.

For purposes of this order, ten (10) or more persons gathered in an area shall be considered as a gathering.

  • Dine-in in restaurants, fast food chains, and carenderias shall be allowed but limited to 50% of the establishment’s total customer carrying capacity.

The use of air-condition units shall be prohibited.

Designated hand washing or sanitizing stations shall be made available to customers at all times. Hand sanitizers and other disinfectants shall also be made available to customers at all times.

Any establishment caught violating this order shall warrant the revocation of their business permit by the LGU.

  • Regular operating hours of banks and other financial institutions shall be observed
  • Malls and shopping centers are allowed limited operations which shall comply faithfully with Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Memorandum Circular No. 20-21 s. 2020: Guidelines on the Operations of Malls and Shopping Centers in Areas Declared under General Community Quarantine.

Internet WIFI and air condition units shall be turned off during mall and shopping center operations.

  • Physical school classes shall continue to be suspended. The operation of schools shall faithfully comply with guidelines issued by the Department of Education and the Commission on Higher Education.
  • Public land transportation shall operate at a reduced capacity in accordance with the guidelines issued by the Department of Transportation (DOTr) and/or the Land Transportation Franchise and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) which includes, among others, the following:
  • Social distancing and limited passenger capacity as well as required sanitary measures shall be strictly observed.
  • Operation of public transport shall be allowed only in routes identified and approved by the DOTr and/or the LTFRB.  For operational routes under GCQ, non-air-conditioned Public Utility Buses (PUBs) and minibuses shall be     the preferred units of transport service.

To this end, PUBs and Vans for Hire shall observe the following protocols:

  1. All PUB and Vans for Hire operators shall strictly adhere to the tariff

rates set by the LTFRB.

  1. Drivers and conductors shall wear masks at all times.
  1. Upon the purchase of tickets, PUB and Van for Hire operators are required to screen passengers to determine if they are essential workers who are permitted to travel under the GCQ. They shall          require the presentation of company identification cards and other         relevant documents.
  1. Passengers are required to wear masks in order to be allowed to board a PUB or Van for Hire.
  1. Passengers shall submit themselves to temperature checking with the use of thermal scanners. Other visible symptoms such as, but not limited to, fever, cough, colds, body weakness, and difficulty           breathing, shall also be checked.

Those with a temperature of 38 degrees centigrade and above or showing said symptoms will not be allowed to board the PUB or Van for Hire.

  1. f) PUBs and Vans for Hire shall be disinfected at the end of every trip i.e.

point to point, with all surfaces (especially seats, armrests, handles)

wiped down with disinfecting agents.

  1. g) Provision for foot disinfectant for passengers in PUBs or Vans for Hire

shall be placed at the steps by the doors.

  1. h) In compliance with the one (1) meter physical distancing imposed by

the DOH, PUB operators are enjoined to draw and install visible

markers on seats between rows to indicate the non-seating areas. In

no case shall PUBs be allowed to operate beyond their 50%

passenger load.

  1. i) PUB or Van for Hire drivers and conductors showing symptoms of the COVID-19 shall be prohibited from working and must be immediately indorsed to the nearest medical facility by the operator.

3.8.3   Passenger load limits, fares, special permit/s to operate, and other particulars

of the service shall be regulated by the LTFRB.

3.8.4  Other modes of public land transport service (such as modern jeepneys,

          shuttle service, tourist transport service, school transport service) may

          be allowed to operate within the City of Bogo as determined by the LTFRB thru

a special permit provided that a PPUP is issued by the Province of Cebu.

3.8.5  Operations of tricycles-for-hire and trisikads shall resume subject to the

following conditions:

  1. a) Tricycles and trisikads are only allowed to ply the routes as prescribed under the Transport Route Plan approved by the             Sangguniang Panlungsod;
  1. b) Tricycle for Hire from other neighboring municipalities shall have a duly issued permit to operate in the City of Bogo in order that they            can ply the routes indicated in the Tricycle Route Plan as approved          by the Sangguniang Panlungsod;
  1. c) Only one (1) passenger shall be allowed per tricycle or trisikad who must have a home quarantine pass or exempted worker’s pass;
  1. d) The tricycle or trisikad drivers shall have a Home Quarantine Pass or

in the case of drivers from Municipality of Daan Bantayan, a   Transport Vehicle Pass in order that they be allowed to drive within          the City of Bogo;

  1. e)   Strict compliance of social or physical distancing measure and other

guidelines from the DOTr and/or the Land Transportation Office.

  • Public marine transportation shall operate within the GCQ zone in accordance with Marina Advisory No. 2020-29 dated April 30, 2020 (Guidelines on the resumption of operation of passenger ships in areas under General Community Quarantine and Enhanced Community Quarantine), and such other guidelines issued by the DOTr and/or Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA).

To this end, passenger vessels and ferry operators shall observe the following protocols:

  • Observe the list of routes and their corresponding rates prescribed by the Maritime Industry Authority; 
  • Shall only be allowed to carry 50% of their regular on-board capacity provided that passengers shall, at all times during the voyage, observe the one (1) meter distance social distancing requirement.

To ensure compliance with the social distancing requirement, visible markings shall be drawn or installed where passengers and crew sit, gather, and converge.

  • Upon check-in, all passengers shall submit themselves for temperature checking using a thermal gun. Other visible symptoms such as, but not limited to, fever, cough, colds, body weakness, and difficulty breathing, shall also be checked.

Passengers showing such symptoms shall not be allowed to board the passenger vessel. 

  • All passenger vessels and ferry operators ferrying passengers shall provide their passengers with a Passenger Personal Detail Form (PPDF) to be filled up by the passengers. Thereafter, the accomplished PPDF shall be collected by designated passenger vessel personnel and turned over to the DOH. 
  • Hand sanitizers and other disinfectants shall be made available to passengers at all times. 
  • Disinfecting footbath shall be provided in all entry and exit access points of the vessel for passengers and crew. 
  • All crew members and passengers are required to wear facemasks at all times.

Persons without facemasks shall not be allowed to embark the sea vessel.

  • Passengers that show symptoms of the COVID-19 while in transit shall be isolated in the identified isolation area of the vessel who will then be turned over to the Municipal or City Health Officer of the LGU of destination. 

3.10     Operations of Port and Terminal. The City Bus Terminal and Polambato Port Managers are hereby directed to implement the following measures:

3.10.1 Mandatory checking of body temperature of all commuters at the entrance
of the port or terminal, and before boarding the vehicle/vessel;

3.10.2 Establishment of disinfecting facilities or stations equipped with alcohol

and/or soap, foot baths , and/or sanitation tents, at all points of ingress

and egress;

3.10.3 Observance of social distancing measures inside the PUV and the

terminal, to include queueing for boarding the vehicle and upon entering

the terminal premises;

3.10.4 Public Utility Buses and Vans for Hire shall only be allowed to load and

unload passengers in the City of Bogo Central Terminal or at Binabag                                Quarantine Control Point;

3.10.5 Security procedures in ports and terminals shall be done through “no

contact means” through the use of walkthrough x-rays, portable scanners,

handheld metal detectors, and/or other similar equipment. Close contact

security measures shall only be applied on exceptional circumstances or                           situations; and

3.10.6 IEC materials on safety precautions and other health guidelines including

proper sanitation, should be visible in the ports and terminals. Alert bulletins should also be made through display systems.

SECTION 4.   Prohibited Activities. Tourism and gambling activities that would result    to close person-to-persons contact and gatherings of groups and crowds shall be PROHIBITED.

Other mass gatherings such as but not limited to movie screenings, concerts, sporting activities and events, and other entertainment activities, community and religious        gatherings, shall also be prohibited.

Ten (10) or more persons gathered in an area shall be considered as a gathering.

SECTION 5.  Drinking of Liquor in Public Places. Drinking of liquor and other   alcoholic beverages in public places shall be strictly PROHIBITED. 

SECTION 6. Movement of Persons and Goods.

6.1       In order to limit the foot traffic, entry of customers to malls, markets,          supermarkets, shopping centers and other establishments which cater to       customers or clients shall be governed by the following guidelines:

6.1.1    Customers/Clients who are residents of the City of Bogo shall present a

home quarantine pass issued by the City Government of Bogo together     with a competent proof of identity;

6.1.2     Customers who are residents of neighboring municipalities within the 4th District of Cebu shall present a home quarantine pass issued by their respective local government units together with a competent proof of    identity;

6.1.3    For customers whether resident of the City of Bogo or otherwise and are   non-holders of any Home Quarantine Pass shall present a One Day Pass  issued by their respective LGUs together with a competent proof of identity. 

6.2       The movement of all types of cargos within the City of Bogo shall remain

unhampered. However, a maximum of two (2) cargo delivery personnel, including            the driver, shall present a cargo vehicle pass. Cargo delivery personnel travelling        to and from areas under Enhanced Community Quarantine shall strictly observe       the following protocols:

6.2.1    The Cargo Delivery personnel shall be subjected to a close and daily

monitoring by the City Health Personnel and BHERTs to ensure that they

observe strict home quarantine protocols upon their arrival from the                                    above-mentioned places, as such they shall refrain from going out their respective homes;

6.2.2   The said cargo delivery personnel are only allowed to go outside their                                  homes the moment their services are needed by their employers for delivery of essential goods;

6.2.3    All truck operators or owners shall ensure that their personnel adhere to                             the protocols prescribed herein; otherwise, it shall cause the revocation of all the Cargo Vehicle Passes issued to them;

6.3       OFWs or returning non-OFWs may be allowed entry into the City of Bogo

provided that:

6.3.1    Their COVID-19 Polymerase Chain Reaction Test results are negative;

6.3.2    Prior to arrival in Cebu, they were issued a DOH or LGU certificate of

completion of a fourteen (14) day facility-based quarantine;

6.3.3    Upon arrival in Cebu, they shall be quarantined for an additional seven (7)

days by the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration before going home

to their residence.

6.3.4    OFWs or returning non-OFWs, through their relatives, shall secure a

Barangay Certificate of Acceptance prior to the issuance of the LGU’s

letter of acceptance and the eventual pick-up from their designated quarantine facility.

SECTION 7. Entry into the City of Bogo. Subject to existing laws, rules, regulations, and orders of the National Government and Provincial Government, the entry of persons into the City of Bogo from other cities or municipalities shall not be allowed EXCEPT:

           7.1  Persons coming from neighboring municipalities who:

  1. a) can present a Worker’s Pass issued by their respective LGU’s of origin as

proof that they are employees of establishments in the City of Bogo;

  1. b) can present a Home Quarantine Pass or One Day Pass as prescribed in

Section 6.1 hereof, provided that they are residents of neighboring

municipalities within the 4th District of Cebu.

7.2 Returning residents from other cities or municipalities not under ECQ who shall secure a Letter of Acceptance from the City of Bogo after submission of the following requirements:

  1. a) Certification from the Health Officer of the LGU of origin that the returning

residents are fit to travel back home;

  1. b) Certification from Barangay of destination stating the following:
  2. i)  that the returning persons are residents of their Barangay;
  3. ii) that the Barangay interposes no objection to the said return;

iii) that the returning resident/s have been made aware and will strictly

comply with the home quarantine protocols for fourteen (14) days                                                 upon arrival.

7.3 Returning residents from cities or municipalities under ECQ shall in addition to the

requirements prescribe in the immediately preceding section shall submit a negative                     COVID-19 Polymerase Chain Reaction Test result;

7.4 Persons who are allowed to enter the territorial jurisdiction of the Province of Cebu

as enumerated under Provincial Governor’s Executive Order No. 5-Q-1 and

reiterated under Executive Order No. 17, series of 2020.

SECTION 8. Strict Observance of Protocols in the Public Market. All persons who desire to enter the Public Market shall strictly observe the following protocols:

8.1 Present a home quarantine pass or one day pass as required in Section 6.1 hereof;

8.2 Wearing of face masks, reusable, or face shields, or such other protective equipment

or any combination thereof at all times;

8.3 Cargo delivery personnel shall present a cargo vehicle pass in accordance with the

relevant provisions herein;

8.4 Strict observance of physical distancing is likewise enjoined.

SECTION 9. General Provisions.

9.1       Operation of private vehicles shall be allowed upon the issuance of a Vehicle                                 Quarantine Pass.

Strict social distancing shall be observed at all times. The number of passengers, including driver, shall be limited as follows:

Sedan 4
Pick up 4
Van 5


9.2       The use of bicycles and other non-motorized (or energy-efficient) modes of

conveyance for permitted travel, subject to the rules of social/physical distancing, are strongly encouraged.

9.3       Supermarkets, public and private wet markets, grocery stores, agri-fishery supply

stores, veterinary supply stores, pharmacies, drug stores, and other retail   establishments engaged in the business of selling essential goods are     encouraged to extend their operating hours to a maximum of twelve (12) hours. 

SECTION 10. Enforcement.  The Philippine National Police (PNP) and Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) are hereby directed to enforce and follow the above-mentioned guidelines. 

SECTION 11. Harmonization Clause. As far as practicable, all Executive Orders issued by the City Mayor relative to the COVID-19 pandemic shall be read and interpreted in harmony with this EO. Should an ambiguity or confusion arise from the interpretation of this EO and previous EOs, the provisions of this EO shall prevail.

SECTION 12. Separability Clause. Should any provision of this Executive Order be declared by a court of competent jurisdiction as invalid or unconstitutional, the remaining provisions not otherwise adversely affected thereby shall remain in full force and effect.

SECTION 13. Repealing Clause. Any and all executive orders, issuances, rules and regulations, memoranda of the City Government of Bogo or any part thereof which are inconsistent with the provisions of this Executive Order are hereby repealed, amended or modified accordingly.

SECTION 14. Effectivity. This Order shall take effect immediately upon signing hereof and shall remain effective until revoked.

So ordered.

Bogo City, Cebu, Philippines. May 21, 2020.


City Mayor