BARANGAY NAILON is the tipmost Barangay  to the east of Bogo town. It shares boundaries with Barangay Gairan and barangays of Gairan and barangays Siocon and Libertad southeast of Bogo.

            How this Barangay got its name invites no accepted legend and speaks of no reliable source.

However, looking closely at the early map made of Cebu you will notice that this Barangay is named NAILONG POINT and you will, furthermore, notice that this very small point in the map is shaped like a nose or shaped into a nose which is described in Cebuano as “nailing” or “napormag-ilong”. Being identifies so in the map, the place was necessarily called “NAILONG” and probably because it was a bit embarrassing to identify their place with one human organ of sense, the residents slowly and determinedly tried to eliminate the last letter to have the present name “NAILON”. Until today, however, the place is still named Nailong Point in the map.