THIS is one of the 29 barangays of the Municipality of Bogo, Cebu which probably got its bane for its location. It is said to be the topmost or the tipmost Barangay of Bogo as far as its position or location is concerned. In Cebuano language, the tip is called “tumoy” and the topmost part when referring to a grass, plant or tree is called “odlot”.

            When people in the Barangay decided to name their Barangay based on its location, it has become natural for them to choose “ODLOT” instead of “TUMOY” because the latter, although applicable, sometimes has some bad connotations.

            It was rumored that this Barangay must have been previously called Barangay Alegria as may be seen marked on the barangay’s popular well called “Tabay sa Odlot” which has the only truly drinkable water in the Barangay. Other wells produce water which taste a little salty. The “Alegria” angle obviously did not have any effect in the naming of the Barangay. And “Odlot” is the most appropriate name that has already stuck to it for so long a time now.