IT SCREAMS “EAT ME!” in clear, crisp tones that extend the limits of your senses. Your eyes see it as the deep orange-brown skin that glistens in silent invitation. The skin of your hand refuses to be daunted by the scalding heat as it sinks into the succulent flesh to grab hold of a pepper smeared rib. Your nose sends those taste buds into overdrive – a mind-bending frenzy of anticipation.

            The best artists of this particular discipline hail from Barangay Pandan. From 1 to 1000 kilos, no pig is immune to their magic. For 300 to 1000 pesos per animal (Negotiable), they will perform feats of cookery in your yard while you lounge in the comfort of home. After a few hours of tweaking the embers and minding the fire – the carcass on the spit turns into a work of art unrivaled in succulence. Dig in.