IN ONE LEGEND written for a certain Barangay in Bogo, Cebu, and the writer correctly stated that places are named in various unique ways and for various reasons.

            Here in the Philippines, most places are named for the patron saint chosen for their main chapel and place of worship. Some have their names from the most imposing thing or structure in the area which had become the main reference point for its residents.

            One good example of the latter is Barangay Sambag in Bogo, Cebu. The most imposing thing or figure in this Barangay during its early years and until today is the Sambag (tamarind) tree that stands about 40 to 50 feet into the air and a trunk that needs at least 3 to 4 persons linking together to embrace. So imposing is its size that this tree has become the main reference point in the area until it also became its official name. Looking at it now, one does not fail to wonder how old must this tree be now? You guess is as good as mine.