“TUGBONG” IS A Cebuano word which means getting down or going to a certain place and the derivative word “TUGBONGAN” is the place where you get down to. And Barangay Sto Rosario located within the town proper of Bogo, Cebu. Tugbongan was the original name given to this Barangay because it had once a very beautiful beach and it was in this Barangay that the people in the area had a common place used to get down into the beach and into the wide seashore during very low tides to gather shells and other bounties of the sea.

            When pollution set in, the “Tugbongan” was gradually seldom used and when some structures were erected on the actual location of the “Tugbongan”, access to it was actually and totally blocked and it was eventually and totally abandoned and forgotten.

 When Bogo became a parish sometime in 1850, the residents of Tugbongan and practically all the parishioners of Bogo became very active in religious activities. The activity parishioners of Tugbongan, composed mostly of prominent and or numerous families, decided to have chapel of their own. A chapel was finally realized and the people unanimously decided to have the VIRGIN OF THE HOLY ROSARY to be their patron saint. In Cebuano, the patron saint is called “BIRHEN SA SANTOS NGA ROSARYO”. When Resolution No. 34, series of 1962 was passed by the Municipal Council under the term of then Mayor Jesus M. Almirante, the boundaries of the Barangay were officially delineated and it was officially named BARANGAY STO. ROSARIO in favor of its patron saint.