THE CEBUANO WORD “SUDLONON” is derived from the Cebuano root word “SULOD”. “Sulod” means “enter” or “to enter” in English. Therefore, “SUDLONON” means a place which you must enter in order to get into it. It is on this situation or attribute that Barangay Sudlonon is named after. It was told that Barangay Sudlonon is named after. It was told that before Bogo was divided into barangays, it was first delineated into districts of which Sudlonon was one. this district is situated in the interior that it was at that time unkept, disorderly, very dirty and almost inhabitable. Mr. Alipio Retuerto was designated by then Mayor Jesus M. Almirante as the first district captain. It was during his term as district captain that Mr. Retuerto initiated and headed a no=nonsence clean-up drive to transform the area into a much better and habitable place. After the clear-up, the area sort of “began to smile”. Many people to live in the area until its population increased. In order to enjoy the Barangay development fund, Mayor Almirante divided the poblacion area into barangays and with this Sudlonon District weas formally included and declared Barangay Sudlonon.