LONG BEFORE this Barangay was officially named Barangay Taytayan, this was only part of Barangay Cogon. It weas either called or referred to as “Buac” or “Campo”. As time passed by, residents in the area grew gradually and more noticeably after the construction and operation of the Severo Verallo Memorial Hospital at the Heart of the Barangay.

            In 1962, during the administration of the late Mayor Jesus M. Almirante, the municipal council passed Resolution No. 34 delineating the boundaries of different districts in the Poblacion area and the unofficially named area was separated from Barangay Cogon and named Taytayan district. This name “Taytayan” or bridge in Cebuano was chosen purportedly because its boundaries or adjacent barangays are neighboring barangays are barangays Cogon, Malingin, Dakit, Cayang and Polambato. It has a land area of 267.58 hectares.

            Finally, under the administration of Mayor Celestino E. Martinez, Jr., in 1972, Taytayan District was officially renamed Barangay Taytayan.