SPES is mandated under Republic Act No. 7323 otherwise known as “an Act to help poor but deserving students pursue their education by encouraging their employment during summer and/or Christmas vacations…”

A total of 50 students benefit from this program and shall render service for their summer job starting April 16, 2018 until after 30 working days.

This program is in coordination between the City Government of Bogo and the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) and is 60% funded by the LGU and 40% that of DOLE.

“The purpose of this program is to give training to our college students so that they can experience working whether with the LGU or a branch of the local government. We do this so that they can get experience. If they can try working during summer, at least they can make the most of their free time which is something that they can perhaps use later on when they graduate.”, said Bogo City Mayor, Atty. Carlo Jose Martinez.

“Since they will be working with the government, they will gain better understanding on government work-like not all programs can be implemented right away because it has to go through a number of filters like the Commission on Audit or COA which has to check whether the program is feasible and if the spending is reasonable. In the duration of their stay with us, they can gain better knowledge on how the LGU operates. Through this knowledge, they would know how the government works. We hope that they will be our partners in informing and explaining to the people the process that the government has to undergo before a program or project can be implemented”, added the City Mayor.

The beneficiaries shall receive the minimum wage according to DOLE standard and will render service within 30 working days.

“We want to help these students prepare for the next school year. We want to encourage the students to work hard worthy of their earnings”, said Human Resources and Management Officer, Slavsky Ybanez.

After this summer job, the LGU will reevaluate the program and plans to continue implementing it to make it into a regular program of the government to accommodate more applicants.