12-Point Agenda


An Agenda is actually a list of priorities. Here, I will outline my 12 – Point Agenda as basis for the crafting of programs, projects and services intended to benefit the entire Bogohanons constituency.

  1. Enhancement of the Delivery of Basic Services. This is going to be achieved primarily through the distribution of more benefits to the following sectors: Senior Citizens; Persons with Disabilities; Women and Children; Members of the Lesbians, Gay, Bisexual and Transgenders; and other marginalized groups.
  2. Economic Development. This will be achieved by taking advantage of Bogo’s being the hub of trade and commerce in the north. This would mean developing the Polambato Port’s full potential as gateway to the country’s nautical highway, dovetailed with giving serious attention to the development of the New Business District as center of non-traditional business activities.
  3. Infrastructure Development. Being s young city, infrastructure shall be our main backbone of development: building of new water and electrical systems to far-flung sitios, street lighting, repair and opening of new roads, establishing an activity center where city programs and events can be hosted, etc. Likewise, due to my past work as Deputy Commissioner of the National Telecommunications, I know the importance of internet services to a developing city. Thus connectivity is a must and this will be done by making Bogo the true I.T. Hub of northern Cebu.
  4. Transparency and Accountability. A new Public Information Office that would disseminate information down to the barangay level to promote transparency and encourage public participation shall be created. All Department Heads are also hereby ordered to submit monthly reports of their accomplishments.
  5. Food Security. This will be achieved by increasing support to the endeavors of our farmers and fisher folks, improving the San Antonio Livestock Market, promoting the production of non-tradotional crops, and promoting activities that will give added value to our crops.
  6. Tourism Development. Rehabilitation of Capitancillo Islet and the establishment of a Tourism/Pasalubong Center and Information Help Desk are among the priorities along this line.
  7. Peace and Order. With the policy of Zero Illegal Drugs Tolerance, three police substations in the key areas shall be established. Police communications, mobility and response capabilities shall also be enhanced.
  8. Health Services. With the planned renovation/construction of the Cebu Provincial Hospital-Bogo City, negotiations shall be made for its transfer of control and supervision to the City Government.
  9. Socialized Housing. A revitalized housing program shall be instituted, giving emphasis to providing informal settlers in danger zones and victims of calamities and natural disaster.
  10. Administrative Efficiency. A culture of professionalism among City Government employees shall be promoted, creating for the deserving, a system of rewards that value merit and organizational loyalty.
  11. Disaster Resiliency. The City shall continue to support the on-going work on the Command Center for Disaster Response and Preparedness at the City Hall.
  12. Environment Protection and Rehabilitation. The city shall intensify its reforestation program both for the shorelines and the upland areas, provide stiffer penalties for illegal tree cutters, and intensify its solid waste management efforts – including its efforts on waste segregation.

source: Kanaas, July 2016, Vol. 6, No. 2, Mayor’s Corner