Captancillo Islet (Rental Fees)

1. Berthing Fee – P300.00

2. Cottages rentals

a. Small – P200.00

b. Big – P600.00

3. User’s Fee (per day)

a. Adult-local – P50.00

b. Adult-foreigner – P200.00

c. Student – P30.00

4. Scuba Diving Fees (per dive)

a. Within marine sanctuary – P100.00

With photo/video camera – P50.00

b. Outside marine sanctuary- P50.00

With photo/video camera – P50.00

5. Diving gear rental

a. Regulator – P400.00

b. Buoyancy control device – P400.00

c. Mask and Snorkel – P150.00

d. Fins and booties – P200.00

e. Wetsuit – P400.00

f. Weights (12 lbs.) – P100.00

g. Tank – P200.00

h. Refill – P150.00

i. Full scuba gear – P1,500.00

(Mask, fins, wetsuit, BCD, Regulator, booties, weights)

6. Shuttle Fee

a. Motor boat 20-passengers – P2,500.00


b. Motor boat 10-passengers – P1,000.00


7. Professional fee (dive guide) – P1,000.00/dive

8. Exclusive use of the Islet – P6,000.00/day

9. Registration fee

Guide – P100.00/year

Motorboat – P500.00/year

Motorboat operator – P200.00/year

For more inquiries and bookings, feel free to visit our City Tourism Officer Mrs. Jocelyn C. Tan in her office inside the Mayor’s Office, 2nd Floor at the New Bogo City Hall or contact at these numbers: 260-5183-211 / 260-5183-421 (head).